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Krypto The Superdog

About me

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Aug 8, 1963 (Leo)
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Saskatoon, Sk, Saskatoon
Political views:
Member of NDP...
Religious views:
Atheist when not dabbling in Paganism
Interested in:
My fave activities are: swimming, Snorkeling, Free Diving, I used to be a scuba diver... I like to read, I like writing(Haiku), I LOVE Sci Fi, And Superheroes, not to mention, the associated comics: DC or Marvel, makes no difference. I LOVE'EM ALL! I also love Woodcarving/Woodwork. I love to watch and photograph wildliife as well as Sunsets... I totally Dig computers and programming(gotta learn that one, yet... I have had a computer for over twenty years, and NEVER LEARNED PROGRAMMING! SOY!!!!!!)
See above: I also like beer(Heineken) and various cuisines... I was involved in Kodokan Judo, and three different Karates: Kenpo, Shito Ryu, and Wado Kai... (Did I get to be a black belt? No, Unfortunately...DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!)
Favorite Music:
Classical, Neo Classical Show Tunes(The Soundtracks for Superman, Star Wars, and Batman,) Rock and Roll. I also like Bonnie Tyler, but only if it's Holding Out For A Hero...
Favorite TV Shows:
Sci Fi and Superhero related stuff: Discovery Channel in total, Mythbusters, Monster Garage, and all other educational fare... I
Favorite Movies:
Superman Returns, The Newest Batman films, the Marvel films: Spiderman, 2 and 3, the Hulk films, the Fantastic Four films, Daredevil, and Japanese Sci Fi Monster flicks(read: Kaiju.) I totally HEART Toho Films!
Favorite Books:
Classical Lit, English Lit, Sci Fi and Comic Books! Nuff Said, True Believers!
Favorite Quotes:
"I am someone you will tell only the TRUTH, or your last lie," Von Flores, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Katts & Dog...

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